Transformer Bag

 Below you can have a look more closer to the main innovation of this summer - 3 in one: Bag+Towel+Mat!

As a mat it has a possibility (thanks to a zip fastener) to put the sun-umbrella in the middle (like in the picture), what is very convenient in the beaches. All our transformer-bags are fully handmade and can be easily customized:) The material reflects well the ultraviolet rays and perfectly saves its colors for very long period. It is a natural, environmentally friendly material, which does not cause skin irritation, redness, itching. It does not electrify. It absorbs the water very good and dries fast.

  We think outside of the box. Thanks to that, we created a super multi-functional, practical beachbag product which combines in itself: a towel, a bag and a mat. Can be used in picnic, beach, park, yoga, pool, basically everywhere where you need a backpack or a wiper or an underlay. 

 For different colors and patterns please ask for our catalog.


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