No more needle-, henna and sticker-tattoos. We imagined something new for you for this summer! Long-lasting eco-tattoo with No pain, No allergy and from the most experienced master in the world - Sun. Lovely patterns on your swimming suit will turn to a summer tattoo on your body. 

 Done by a special technique. Does not burst or spread more than it has to be on the body. Looks nice. 

Firstly we create the nice-looking swimwear and then we work with the special laser technique, which helps to create the innovative swimming suit. All our models are easy customizable. Below you can see the models we produce (both before- and after laser).  Try our new swimming suits - be unique, be stylish, be in the wave of Art - SUNART. Be tattoo-artist of your own with our Sunart swimsuits! 


For different colors and patterns please ask for our catalog.


 For sales information please contact guide@sunartbeachwear.com :)